Have you ever had a conversation with someone and found your mind wandering into an aside that was more interesting than what was being discussed?  These are those digressions.  Of course, some are merely long-held thoughts about various topics, but these are the things I rarely share with others because…well, just because.

I am James Montgomery.  My name is real; I am not hiding behind a nom de plume.  What you learn about me will be through my writing.  What you know about me will only be what I choose to reveal. What I say, I mean.  Some things I say will sound mean; my belief is that sometimes honesty sounds that way.  But I am always willing to admit I did not know something the way I thought I did, and I will always apologize for true meanness.

And if I am fortunate enough to have you share in my little contrivances, I only ask that you remember: respect given is respect earned.