Ignoramuses + Rants = “Ignorants”


        I can’t say I have a solution to the influx of children fleeing the barbarism of their home countries, but watching the ginned-up zealotry over… what exactly is the outrage here? Regardless of the motivations – real or contrived – of the protestors, what is being done in the name of “anti-immigration” is an embarrassment to this nation. Don’t these people have better things to do, like go to their jobs or complain about people who are still looking for employment?

        I could write these protests off as just another incident of “we still don’t like how the past two Presidential elections came out”, but I think these types of demonstrations – and the professional people in politics and media who encourage this garbage – are emblematic of what I’ve always felt is the Republican Party as it exists in this day and age. Make no mistake about it, they are Republicans even though they still want to play “tea party”; they’re just kidding themselves the same way Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have the guts to come out and say he’s a Republican. The underlying mantra of these people: Sucks to be you.

        Compassion? They don’t have it because it might involve somebody else getting something and that may cost them some money. That’s their fear: somebody’s going to get something they didn’t “work” for. They can get off their asses to protest, but they can’t get off their asses and help. While I have no doubt the vast majority of these people would call themselves “Christian”, living in a Christian nation, their enmity shows their true selves.

        And whether or not you want to call it “immigration” and whether or not these folks like it, asylum is still a thing and these children deserve to be heard and they deserve protection. But, hey, sucks to be them, right?


2 thoughts on “Ignoramuses + Rants = “Ignorants”

  1. Doug Story says:

    Good points. I’m lost to understanding. And it seems more than home grown xenophobia. I’ve read for years that the USA must always have a common enemy to thrive. That we’re so parochial, regional, tribal, and set in the ways of our religious sects…balkanized, that if we don’t have an off-shore bogeyman we look to see what interior “other” we can bastardize.

    But wait, don’t we have 9-11 and the forever war on terror. I’m beginning to think the face of radical Islam is so foreign to us as a culture, so removed from the dress and accoutrements of one precent dreams and dollar store reality, that this enemy of us all, is in fact as unreal as a bad dream or a War of the Worlds summer blockbuster.

    So we shout and spit at children wearing knock off Levis and wanna be Air-Jordans. Hate must have a down home feel to it.

    Nice Post


    • Thanks for the comment, Doug. Yes, you’re right, it seems that some have to have that enemy to revel in our “American-ness”. Still smacks of Manifest Destiny to me. I would prefer that instead of railing about the rights our Constitution recognizes, we all start embracing the spirit of the document.

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