In Which Maureen Dowd Launches the Zombie Apocalyse

I’ve seen a few websites hosted by folks who don’t care for the politics of ol’ Maureen and have done zombiesque defacements of her pictures.  Quite frankly, they all suck.  I’m not saying that because I am a fan of Dowd, I’m just encouraged that a 62-year old wants us to believe the chestnut vibrancy of her mane has anything to do with reality – as if the drapes still match the carpet.  But she needs to be zombified, so here she is, Maureen Undowd:


C’mon, Greg Nicotero, help a brother out! I don’t live that far away from where you shoot TWD! (Photo by Bob Daemmrich/Corbis)

So now the talk around town is that ol’ Dowdy got hold of some special recipe snacks and went down for the count.  That’s why I made her a bit green because I figure the Zombie Apocalypse will be started by dummies doing dumb things.  And since the common reaction to that doobie high is the munchies, the desire for human flesh seems inevitable.  Plus, cannabis – cannibal, it’s just works!


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