If It Stinks, It Must Be New Jersey (or Politics)

Oh boy!  Another scandal so that the children in the media and Washington can slap-fight instead of accomplishing anything.  Of course, I think New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” episode is important in showing petty political backstabbing is still alive and well in our great nation. (And can we stop with the “Gate” naming of every little tempest in a teapot?  We should just have “Gategate” and then call it a day!)

What I find most instructive in this “Christastrophe” (you see what I did there?  That can work for Chris Christie or the next faux Christian persecution!) is the reason I could never bring myself to vote for a Republican: you aren’t just electing a candidate, you are allowing said candidate to bring in whatever partisan agenda-driven nincompoop they want for their administration.  I didn’t like Romney, but the fear of what might have slinked into his Cabinet or advisory staff is what really put me off him.

And so it goes with Governor Christie.  This whole affair seems a little “Iran-Contra-ish” to me as it plays out, but it was Christie’s staff that decided to jerk around and create this stink.  The only real question left is if Christie is as good a tap-dancer as he is pretending to be on not knowing the machinations of this politically-motivated scheme.  At the very least, Christie raises my eyebrows as he says, after firing his deputy Chief of Staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, that he “wasn’t interested in the reason” the whole bridge mess was created.  To say that Christie is full of shit for thinking anyone would buy that attitude as acceptable and then to look at him, well, he’s full of a lot of shit.