These Are the Ones Who Knock…

Meet  Walter White.  WWhite1


And Walter White.      Photo/Billings Gazette

Photo/Billings Gazette

And Walter White.        Photo/Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office

Photo/Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

In what looks like a ridiculous game of the old To Tell the Truth, all three of these pictures depict a man named Walter White – all involved in the meth trade – yet only one of them is a fictional character!

Walter White #1 is our boy from AMC’s excellent show Breaking Bad.  He was the chemistry teacher with cancer who went into meth cooking and things went downhill from there.  If there is any doubt, this Walter White is the fictional character and he died in the series finale.

Walter White #2 is the newest addition to the club as he was just convicted of dealing meth out of his Montana home and sentenced for 12 years.  But that’s dealing, not cooking, so Walter #2 is a bit of a poser.  I wonder if Walter White is his real name – maybe it’s really Heisenberg!  Say his name!  😛

But contestant number 3 is the real deal.  This Walter White hails from Bessemer, Alabama, and cooked high-grade meth just like in the TV show, except it wasn’t blue.  Walter #3 was featured in a exposé detailing his operation and subsequent downfall (you knew there would be a downfall, didn’t you?).  Check out the video, it is completely worth it:

So there you have it: the Walter Whites of the Meth World.  As a further word of caution to all you other Walters out there: knock it off and stay away from the meth – we already have Brian Cranston and that’s enough!


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