ATC-381, I saw what you did.  I couldn’t help it, I was stuck in traffic behind your crappy, maroon import, driving way below the speed limit, as I watched car after car pass, steaming in my frustration at your stupidity.

There you were, with your hair in some kind of “up-do”, chatting away to your girlfriend.  You were gesturing wildly as you drove oh so slowly; it was a wonder you remembered to press the accelerator.  It must have been so important, you were so engaged and so unaware of what you were doing.

We just kept slogging along.  The bauble you had hanging from your rear-view mirror marked the time of my boredom as it swung so slowly.  Everything about your car was slow – but not you!  No, ATC-381, you were frenetic with barely an eye on the road.  You were lucky that you didn’t have to stop for anyone in front of you, but, then, there wasn’t anyone in front of you.  Every car that passed made sure it was well ahead of you.  Maybe you planned it that way.  If my eyes could shoot lasers, your bobbling head would be on fire!

But I saw what you did, ATC-381, as we approached the intersection where my reprieve from your vacuous chit-chat was promised by the right turn lane I got into – finally, I was free of you!  The signal light would catch you, ATC-381, and you would pay for your slowness as it burned a bright yellow amidst the busy bustle of traffic.  I saw that you weren’t stopping and you weren’t speeding up; you just kept going, slowly, slowly.  You just kept going and talking and continuing on.  I saw it, ATC-381, the light was long red by this time – it wasn’t even close.  And then it happened…

You went right into that intersection ATC-381.  I saw it.  I saw that car that had waited patiently to make that left turn as the traffic passed in a long line of indifferent obstruction.  I saw it.  I saw the car.  I saw the light.  But not you.  You just kept going unaware… and that car started to turn…

How did you make that little swerve at the last second as that car slammed on its brakes?  You didn’t even touch your brakes, you just made that little cut of the wheel that delivered you from a reward you justly earned.  You just kept going as if you were in perpetual motion, not caring, as if the rules don’t apply to you.  You just kept going, you didn’t pause, probably didn’t even thank your lucky stars.  As I sat, waiting to make my turn, I saw you drive off in your insular bubble of self-importance.  Do you even know the danger you represented?  Do you care?  I saw what you did, ATC-381.  I saw it all.  I saw that someone saved you.  Will you be so lucky next time?  There will be a next time, won’t there?


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