Allegorically Metamorphosizing

I used to be proud of my gun,
I cleaned it and shot it each day.
But when I saw what others had,
I looked at my gun with dismay.

For my gun was well-used,
It had been used quite a lot.
And I had steady aim,
To fire each and every shot.

But no matter how much I oiled,
Or along its length I rubbed,
My barrel just wasn’t long enough,
To me, it looked like a snub.

And the targets proved more demanding
I was sure it wasn’t my eyes.
Nor was it my stance or my grip I knew,
It was the lack of my gun barrel’s size.

So I went to the gun store,
To survey the supplies they had.
Perhaps, I thought to myself,
My gun wasn’t really that bad.

So I told the owner my problem,
And I smiled when I offered him thanks.
He said there was nothing wrong with my aim,
My gun had been loaded with blanks!

Now I laugh as I let others shoot it,
To think I wanted my gun to be bigger.
It’s much more fun to watch,
As I let others pull the trigger.

©2012 James Montgomery


One thought on “Allegorically Metamorphosizing

  1. I dare you to read in Boris Karloff’s voice!

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