Idle Brains Are Idle

So this is what its comes down to?  The media outlets and people who have something to say about Twinkies want to stir up some horsehockey about the demise of Twinkies while knowing full damn well that Twinkies aren’t going anywhere!  Is this what the erosion of the brain, sated with entirely too much viewing of vapid “reality” television, looks like?  This is just more of the inane chit-chat that permeates our social media and passes as “news” and “discussion”.

Overall, this is an issue that I couldn’t care less about, but the ya-ya about Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, etc., going away is nearly inescapable whether it is people complaining about one less junk food choice on their “let’s eat crap” menu, or anti-unionists wanting to blame unions or anti-corporatists pointing out bankruptcy malfeasance.  But it’s all so stupid!  Even if Hostess liquidates, Twinkies will be bought by someone and still produced, so why all the nonsensical handwringing?  Are people’s lives as empty as the nutritional value of that beef fat and sugar confection that they have to complain about literally nothing?

As a matter of full disclosure, as far as I’m concerned, Twinkies are pure crap.  If they actually did permanently go away, I would shed nary a tear.


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