I have seen the lesser minds of my generation,
rise up in protest against foes
real or imagined.
A people who are bound by nothing
beyond their own self-interest
in the name of the patron saint of selfishness
Whose disciples feel their sense of worth
by correcting those who are ignorant
that their saint’s name is pronounced “Ein”
Whose motivations were proclaimed
against a government who spent too much
and taxed too much
and did too little
All in the name of a mythologized image
of those who would cry for their own freedom
while turning a blind eye to the oppression of
Those who were deemed to be lesser beings.
Who, while oppressed, built a nation for those
whose descendants ignore the worth of that building
yet claim the greatness of those oppressors
Whose imitators, while feigning to oppose a system of economy
know nothing of its machinations
and find fault with all manner of those they deem unfit
Riled in their own ignorance and self-interest
at such a system suckle at the teat of those who supported
and corrupted that same system
Who built their movement on the lies and bigotries of the privileged
so that their fears of becoming the underclass are never realized
much to the expense of the underclass
Never seeing beyond their own skins, never admit that
E Pluribus Unum is blasphemous to their religion
Who worship at the altar of Dollar for blessings undeserved
Who will lie for their god
and send others to die for their god
And will have no other gods before their god
Who lie with the government they call Whore
and fornicate with Oedipal lust and hypocrisies
and sanctify their sins
Who walk the path of doom and destruction
led astray by ambition and hubris and deliver
blindly their prize of freedom to Enslavement.

©2012 James Montgomery


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