Big City

Take a look at my big city,
it sometimes seems too much to bear.
I look at times in your empty eyes.
and I wonder if any love’s still there.

‘Cause time and again you said you’d go,
and leave me in my place.
But something holds you by my side,
disappointment in your face.

Things are cruel in my big city,
it’s hard when you’re on your own.
The streets are crowded with strangers,
then you realize you’re all alone.

You scream at the rooftops because your life
hasn’t gone according to plan.
Well, I’m not the one who gave you your ideas,
but I’ve done everything that I can.

Take a walk in my big city,
I’m the only one you know.
Pack your life’s remains in a leather bag,
and hope you find out where to go.

You came here lonely and looking for a life,
a life you still haven’t found.
Leave me and swim against the tide,
in this sea where so many drowned.

There’s no love in my big city,
hold on to what you find.
Break all your memories they’ll just weigh you down,
and leave the ones who care behind.

Take a look at my big city.
Take a look at my big city.

©2012 James Montgomery


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