For The “Birthers”: The Asylum Awaits

The ya-ya over Barack Obama’s birth certificate is still on-going.  The only thing I don’t believe about it is that this ridiculous farce is still on-going!  The people who continue to pursue this nonsense are brain-addled, pure and simple, and whether that ailment stems from racism or just not wanting to accept that they are wrong is a case-by-case basis.

I am one year older than President Obama, born in Alabama.  I have had not one, but two, different versions of my birth certificate.  And for what Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate has in neatness and clarity, my Alabama birth certificate more than makes up for in chicken-scratch scribbling.  My birth certificate is a photo-stat of a photo-stat with a raised seal!  That’s it!  There are no baby footprints or anything else that people were trying to use as “evidence” of Obama’s forgery.  I have no more power over what my birth certificate looks like than I have over my DNA.  I know what my birth certificate looks like from 1960 and I know what Obama’s looks like from 1961 and in the other forty-eight states, there were probably forty-eight variations of what constituted a birth certificate at that time.  Actually, that more than likely still holds true today.

But the bottom line is simply this: whether these people want to believe it or not, the State of Hawaii says that what they have issued as Barack Obama’s birth certificate is “official.”  If the State of Hawaii says he is who he is and was born where they say he was born, then that is the way it is…period!  No more debate, this issue is and has been settled!  And for those of you who may think there is some hanky-panky going on with the Hawaiian registrars in conspiring to foment this fraud, well good luck finding that evidence.  That is really the very last straw for a very desperate person to grasp to sate their mental affliction.

There are too many important things in the world to worry about and this stupidity needs to be put to an end.  Those who continue to chase this wisp are deranged fools.  If you happen across one of those people in your daily travels, remind them of that for me, won’t you?

*And for you mental midgets who think that pdf file released by the White House proves the certificate is forged, I’ll put this simply: you’re wrong!  That pdf is a scan of the certificate, not the actual document.  That pdf could have one layer in it or ten layers, it doesn’t matter; it is a scan, not the actual document!  If you still have problems processing that, go to the store and buy yourself a clue.  Perhaps eBay has a brain for sale.  Better yet, throw your computer away – you don’t need to be online!


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