The Gospel According To Me

So many of today’s social issues have to do with a person feeling good about themselves and what they themselves believe. It is self-justification and rationalization. Then they look around and seek other like-minded individuals and form groups. And they convince themselves that their worldview is superior to others so they should take matters into their own hands and do something about the perceived ills of society. And they will identify those who do not think like the group and call them “unfit,” even though they had no obligation to agree with the group. And if they get enough people who think like them, then they can pass laws. They will punish those deemed in violation. They will shun those who are different. They will be blind to the injustice they wield. But the group won’t care because they have power: they are admired; they are feared. They hold the “truth” because the “truth” is what they believed it was all along and they made it so: they are righteous. And no one is going to tell them anything different. And they will be blind to their own inequity.


Now's your time to shine…

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