The heavy perfume of the honeysuckle smelled even sweeter in the warm lushness of the late summer evening. The fireflies flickered in and out of the bushes and the grass. Someone would have a Mason jar and catch some lightnin’ bugs, but usually we were content just to capture the one and let it crawl on our hands and fingers and we’d examine it closely with one observant eye. How did his belly light up so?

   As much as I love Winter and the freshness of Spring, I think this was my favorite time of year: the late Summer evenings that turned into Autumn. School had just started and the newness of the school year still held anticipation for us and made the Friday nights and the weekends that much more precious. Soon the leaves would change from their green to bright yellows and oranges and the maples would turn the most luscious shade of red until they all fell brown to the earth. They would hiss and whisper as they whisked along the streets and sidewalks, free of their branches,  traveling to unknown places, never to be seen again.

   Soon, it would be time for the pumpkins and the candy and the late-night frolic of Halloween which meant that the holidays would soon be upon us and the sharp bite of Winter. Would there be snow this year? I always hoped so.

But this evening it was warm and fragrant and the fireflies slowly flickered in the dark.


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