Body of the Year

I read recently where Helen Mirren had won some type of poll for “Body of the Year” from some magazine or something – can you tell I don’t pay much attention to those media outlets? This was just some story that crossed my screen as I was making my rounds of various websites. I only clicked on the article because I have always really, really liked Helen Mirren.

Ms. Mirren is 66 years old and the idea that a woman of that age could be considered in this way gave me pause. Ever since I first saw her in Excalibur, I have been a fan.  She has always been a very attractive woman and not shy about taking on roles where she will show a little (or a lot, if you’ve seen Savage Messiah!).  Yet, here she is, still turning heads.  Her bikini photos notwithstanding, I think her openness and personality are as attractive a feature as any physical qualities she possesses.  There is something that still smolders in the ol’ girl.

Ever since I was young, I have been more attracted to older women; I can’t quite place why.  I once saw a woman who was prematurely grey and thought that was very sexy.  I don’t know if it was the color itself or that she didn’t try to hide her grey.  But even beyond that, there is something about an older woman that I just find approachable and even comforting.  It would be easy to say that because I’m older myself, it’s natural that I’m scouting the field within my own limitations.  But it’s not that at all – I’m not looking at women like that.  I’m just acknowledging what catches my eye.  Some want to say that we take better care of ourselves these days, but as we get fatter as a nation, I hardly think that is true.

Perhaps we are starting to view older women differently because of their roles in society, or maybe because the “boomer” generation is older and they have always had the sheer numbers to dictate attitudes.  But whatever the rationale, I like that older women – especially older female actors – are not being discarded like some empty soda bottle but are being appreciated.

So, cheers to you, Helen Mirren!  I hope to see you again, soon.


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