The Cat and the Moon

One night in the hall, the Cat hit the ball,
and chased the toy just to have some fun.
When out through the gloom, from another room,
He saw a glow as bright as the sun.

“What could this be?” the Cat stopped to say.
It’s much too late for the Sun to play.

So the Cat slowly crept, while the family slept,
With whiskers taut, he slipped in to see.
The curtains pulled wide, and just outside,
The Moon shone white behind the trees.

The Moon looked so close, the Cat wondered why.
A new ball for him to pluck from the sky.

So, out the cat door, with the smirk that he wore,
“That prize in the sky will be mine soon.”
And up the Cat jumped, on the tree his head bumped,
And he thought he heard a laugh from the Moon.

“Why do you, Cat, want all that you see?
Risking such peril, climbing high in that tree?
Careful there, kitty, you’ll fall…
Don’t fall.”

Balanced up high, with the Moon in his eye,
Baring his claws, not making a sound.
He jumped into space and swiped the Moon’s face,
Then gravity pulled the Cat to the ground.

Nothing was hurt, except for his pride,
The Cat sat there looking and then the Cat cried.

Oh, what a sight! the Moon so bright,
Teasing the Cat from her seat in the stars.
Yet try as he may, the Moon got away,
and safely winked at the Cat from afar.

“Don’t be discouraged, the day’s coming soon,
Yet, even the Sun cannot catch the old Moon.
Till we meet again, you can dream…
Still dream.”

©2011 James Montgomery


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